Kid gets clothes nearly pulled off trying to climb fence

2022.01.27 14:48 GandalftheGangsta007 Kid gets clothes nearly pulled off trying to climb fence

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2022.01.27 14:48 The_Blade-13 HEALTHUS DELETUS

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2022.01.27 14:48 daniel07291999 (2019 wrx) Are these good numbers?

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2022.01.27 14:48 IJustLoveDoggosOkay Looking for a neotraditional style grizzly or black bear eating honey with his paw with a few bees around him

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2022.01.27 14:48 eChelicerae A little too much of this lately, I just don't get why one group gets more attention but the other one gets a lot of defense for this stuff.

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2022.01.27 14:48 Projectrage Inside Amazon Effort To BRAINWASH Highschool Children | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

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2022.01.27 14:48 throwaway838382737 I've had a lot of these symptoms after I hit puberty, and now I'm wondering if it could be endo?

So I started having periods when I was around 11 or 12. They were really super heavy (I remember bleedimg through shorts in pe and onto class chairs, and my Grandma's couch :/ ). Always with clots too. As time went on they got longer (from 4 or 5 days to 7 or 8), and more painful too.
They aren't always painful but it was always a possibility every period. Like really debilitating cramps. I'm 18 now and I sit in class feeling very uncomfortable and breathing tightly through pain. I had a bad period last time and literally spent all day lying on my bed clutching a hot water bottle, I couldn't even think or anything. It took hours to pass.
They can get so heavy that I feel the blood gushing out loads and I've had on and off iron deficiency anaemia for years. When I stand up blood gushes out and I literally have to bend over until it stops it's so uncomfortable. I remember a few years ago a friend was making me laugh in the school corridor and but every time I laughed or even moved then the blood would leak out and I'd literally be walking like a dinosaur. Doctor prescribed me blood thinners to help but I've never taken them (I'm a hypochondriac so i was scared I'd have a heart attack or something)
Besides the pain, I've also started to get discomfort whilst peeing, but only (took me a while to notice the pattern) during ovulation. It's sorta like a burning feeling that goes after I pee. But just today i got really really severe pain cause my bladder was full but i couldn't go. The pain went as soon as I peed. My period's due tomorrow btw
During ovulation I also get a weird pressure, heaviness, bloating and burning pain. I've also had migraines for years and diarrhoea/constipation around period time. I also used to get sharp pains when I had bowel movements, but I haven't had those in a while
I also get vaginal pain during sexual arousal (never actually had sex) but it's like a sharp sort of pain in one spot. I've also always imagined sex to be quite uncomfortable cause of this
I get bloating and it is kinda visible but it's more the heavy feeling i get. My mum brought up endo a few years ago when I told her the pain was so bad I nearly collapsed in the school corridor, but then I've always thought the main feature of endo was really obvious bloating (my aunt has it and when she bloats it looks like she's pregnant) so i thought it couldn't be me cause I don't get that. I'm not too sure
TLDR; discomfort/pain during ovulation, urination, sexual arousal, severe painful periods & heavy periods, and sometimes pain & migraines even when I'm not in my period.
Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated! Im kinda nervous going to a doctor because he's brushed off period related things with 'it's just adolescent hormones' before so .... yeh
Thanks in advance :)
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2022.01.27 14:48 Crazy_gamer15 არ მომიპარია მე გადამხდა pls upvote

არ მომიპარია მე გადამხდა pls upvote
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2022.01.27 14:48 ChucB So love that sexy tight body of hers

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2022.01.27 14:48 Playerr1 Not just an amazing story and great gameplay, but so much attention to detail. Control is visually stunning.

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2022.01.27 14:48 ShivaKrishna999 Hmmm....

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2022.01.27 14:48 1400penguins Is there any way to query multiple streaming sites — with just one search?

Perhaps it's a stupid question, as this subReddit seems to be about the individual sites announcing themselves — which is certainly helpful. But jeez, searching thirty sites one-by-one for the same title gets tedious, especially if you're looking for something obscure...
Please & thanks, etc.
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2022.01.27 14:48 ConfusedCreations spicy forbidden ak mag of death...

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2022.01.27 14:48 Imarottendick Clash of personalities or am I doing something wrong?

Hey guys,
I have a rather unusual issue. FYI I'm male, mid 20s, started MT in 2019. I also need to give you guys some other background info as well, so in advance - sorry for the wall of text.
I'm overall a very expressive, extroverted and extremely polite and friendly person, which means that I have the opposite of a poker face and I usually have so much energy in social settings that I appear a bit nervous/ edgy (not anxious, but the opposite of stoic - I'm diagnosed with ADHD and I'm also slightly on the autism spectrum). I show and express my emotions and feelings very clearly, especially when I'm having fun. I also have a pretty low pain threshold unfortunately. Not the best predisposition for fighting, I know, but I just enjoy Muay Thai and I don't plan to fight competitively.
So in practice/ sparring I give my partners a lot of nonverbal and verbal signals. For example - I pretty much always laugh or say "eyyy" or something like that when I get hit with something good (like a well timed slip and counter). I compliment my partners regularly when they're making progress or doing something good. I love to see other people reach their goals and have personal success and I will always show that happiness (e.g. when someone won their fight or reached the weight they aim for). I try to be as helpful as possible during drills/ sparring, so everyone benefits from the practice equally. If I get hit in a way that knocks my winds out, I usually make some kind of "pain noise". If my sparring partner kicks my cub the third time in a round, I'll make a face like "U serious?" or maybe react with a "bro...". If I get really hurt, like when I throw a power low kick and it gets checked perfectly with the knee or when I receive a bad liver hook, I always show that I'm in pain (even saying things like "damn, that hurt").
For me, sparring is playful, lighthearted and just plain old fun without the need to appear like the toughest mf or to bash one another's skulls in for ego points.
But at my gym, I regularly have kind of negative interactions with some people, especially if they fight competitively. I get comments like "stop whining", "don't bitch around" (not literally, it's a translation) or "you're being too feminine". Also the reactions are sometimes that the other person gets very smug and act/talk in a "superior" manner as if I'm beneath them for not having a poker face. That usually happens when I'm technically better and "win" the sparring round but show a big reaction to pain - but sometimes it also happens when the other person is better. It's was pretty easy to ignore so far, but it's starting to rub me the wrong way - I just don't understand why someone would react in that manner, other than if they think I'm preparing for a fight. I don't really care if people think I'm "weak", but I want to understand.
So - my issue is more a psychological one. I like my personality, especially my friendlyness and expressiveness, because it's greatly beneficial in my job and general life. But it seems like this way of behavior leads to a significant decrease in respect in regards to my person from some people at my gym.
I'm not much of a people pleaser, in the regard that I won't change myself because some folks don't like the way I act/express myself. But for good practice in MT, imo there is a need for good relationships with respect, trust and thoughtfulness. And with those kind of interactions, it's sometimes hard to have fun during practice. It's a bit sobering to be (imo) friendly and receive mean or disrespectful reactions. I love just training Muay Thai, but the social aspects of practice are also very important for me.
Does anybody has any thoughts on that? Maybe similar experiences? Maybe tips on how to handle, react or view it differently? Maybe some hard to swallow truths that I don't see? I would massively appreciate it as I really struggle to understand social interactions sometimes.
Thank you guys and much love to the community
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2022.01.27 14:48 out_bellybutton I have enough shares

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2022.01.27 14:48 ranger_from_th_north [Lore] On the comet's trail

On the northern border of Wyl lands / 8th Month 96 AD
"Well wha' do we have here boys?"
A raucous laughter echoed against the stony beach rock. Six men, all wearing piece-meal armor, disheveled and drunk, locked eyes on the ghost.
Fair skinned, with long pale blonde hair reach its shoulders, the ghost stared back at them with cold purple eyes.
"Looks like somebody's made themselves comfy in our lil' hideaway eh?"
The six men began to fan out. So not strangers to combat, the ghost observed, not mere ruffians. The ghost saw faded Stormland fatigues on some of their dirty clothing, deserters perhaps.
"Listen, old man, we don' wanna waste our time beatin' you to an early grave. Why don' you just get up and leave us to our entertainment?"
A whimper broke out and the ghost's eyes flashed towards the sound. Two of the soldiers each had a woman in tow, their mailed hands violently gripping their hair to keep them in place.
The young women, the ghost observed, they would be about her age...
The ghost stood.
Several grins and chuckles rippled through the group as they looked at one another knowingly.
Five of the ruffians watched as the head of one of their companions hit the sand with a muffled thud, his face frozen in a shitty grin.
They all looked to the ghost. In its hand a blade of white light, as pale as the Stranger's outstretched hand.
Another one of their number fell, grasping at the bleeding stump where their left hand had once been, "AAAU—"
His scream cut silent, as his head joined his partners on the now crimson sand.
The remaining assholes all roared and drew their weapons. The two women, having been let go, scrambled backward frantically.
The two women watched as the ghost stood silently as the men rushed forward. Its demeanor so distant that the only sign it was truly there was the pale white sword dripping with tears of blood.
The ghost moved with an unimaginable grace, parrying and dodging the thugs' more ugly movements.
The woman watched in horrified fascination as the ghost's beautiful blade cut through the men as though made of white-hot fire. One by one, they all fell before it and with each death the ghost and its blade seems to shine brighter and brighter.
Seeing all his comrades cut down, the last ruffian fell back and lifted a hand, "Please! Mercy! I'll go an' you'll never see me again, I swear!"
The ghost paused, its white blade still at its side. Without a word, the ghost turned and began to step away.
Sighing in relief, the thug, believing to sense weakness, grabbed his weapon and called out, "You're that fucking Dayne aren't you? The one whose home burned down? What kind of pussy do you have to be to let your family die in a fire eh?"
The woman who had been watching saw something change in the ghost. The cold distant demeanor of a far off star shifted. They saw the ghost clench its jaw, its muscles tense and its purple eyes become as dark as coals. The brightness dulled and became harsher like that of a sundering light crashing down from the heavens to smite the earth below.
"Yeah you're the fuckin' Sword of the Mo—"
Once more a thug was cut short but his head did not roll. His jaw had been pinned shut by the ghost's white blade, whose pristine coloring was now marred by blood and viscera as its point jutted out of the top of the man's head.
The women gasped as the ghost wordlessly pulled out its sword and kicked the man to the sand.
The ghost stood there for a few moments, breathing heavily. The women were quiet as mice, fearing they would be next.
"Go home."
The women jumped at the sound. It wasn't a roaring thunderclap or the haunted whisper of an otherworldly being. It was the sound of a tired old man, weary but clear.
Then the women saw the ghost for who they were. A man, in his early fifties, fit and tall. Pale blonde hair falling down to their shoulders, fair skin and purple eyes, purple eyes filled with determination and perhaps something else, maybe apprehension.
The women didn't take the time to find out. They gathered themselves and took of down the beach, leaving the old warrior on his field of battle.
Ser Lucifer Dayne watched the two women disappear into the darkness before quietly muttering, "I'm sure your families are missing you..."
The Sword of the Morning cleaned off Dawn before packing up his supplies. Following Luceon's trail through the mountains for the past two years had proven difficult if he had made his way into the Stormlands. Lucifer would need to take a different approach. He hefted his pack and made his way west.
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2022.01.27 14:48 Newoverhere29 I’m sorry. But this is just not acceptable Gwen.

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2022.01.27 14:48 ifoundout Potential idea for a garden hose holder / tool

I have a prototype for what is essentially a garden hose holder that lets you position the nozzle and go hands free. One of the ways I'm considering using it is to wash pets or animals or as a way to hold the hose when you are trying to water something for a long time or fill up a basin or large container while you aren't there. I made a survey that I'm trying to use to get some constructive feedback, if you're interested I have some pictures / renderings on the fifth question of the survey that show the idea. Here's the survey:
Garden Hose Holder Prototype Survey
I just got a provisional patent and am trying to get potential user feedback. If you respond I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 14:48 killa-cam87 Having fun using the Storm Ball now

I probably threw quite a few games figuring this thing out, but I think I've landed on how I like to use it the most.
I play a LOT if S&D and up to now have always used the heartbeat sensor as my tactical and the trip mine as my lethal. What I like doing now, especially on offense, is planting the bomb, throwing down a trip mine and then covering it with the storm ball. I've found most people don't take enough to look around inside the storm ball's field and run right into the trip mine.
Good times. Have fun everyone
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2022.01.27 14:48 peer202 DCS VR better performance by using Upscaler?

Ive seen that People use the AMD Spatial "non-ai" upscaler to improve performance in VR. Has anyone used this for DCS? Im especially interested in the Nvidia upscaler that just got realeased (not DLSS). Does it work? Is the performance boost worth it? Im using a GTX 1060 btw..... thank you Chip Shortage. My Headset is a Quest 1.
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2022.01.27 14:48 ahuehou Doğalgaz faturasına bak amk

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2022.01.27 14:48 Reasonable_Flow_9005 Wie nu samen trekken

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2022.01.27 14:48 ThisNameIsValid27 Greatest heist movie ever?

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2022.01.27 14:48 OrwellWasRight69 Deaths In New Zealand

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2022.01.27 14:48 Boombox3018 Carrie, a vicious hunter who looks for someone who killed her brother and her father.

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