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My dream girl 😍

Minecraft stuff, yes, my IGN is Dream Dream is the founder of the Dream SMP, the server's owner, and its first member.He joined on April 24, 2020. He was previously the leader of the Greater Dream SMP before being deposed during the Disc Confrontation.. He is commonly seen as the server's main antagonist, opposing TommyInnit in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, instigating Tommy's exile, allying ... Dreams are images, thoughts, or feelings that occur during sleep. Visual imagery is the most common 1, but dreams can involve all of the senses. Some people dream in color while others dream in black and white 2, and people who are blind tend to have more dream components related to sound, taste, and smell 3. Studies have revealed diverse types ... A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Humans spend about two hours dreaming per night, and each dream lasts around 5 to 20 minutes. The content and function of dreams have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history. dream dictionary. Symbols are the language of dreams. A symbol can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning than any one word can convey. At the same time, these symbols can leave you confused and wondering what that dream was all about. Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a powerful tool. Synonyms for DREAM: chimera, conceit, daydream, delusion, fancy, fantasy, figment, hallucination The latest Tweets from Dream (@Dream). hi im dream nice to meet u :) @Dr3amsManager for inquiries. he/him (pfp by @nyrazzz) Dream joined the Dream Team Wiki's Discord server on November 5, 2020. He was the first creator to join with Ponk following a day later. He has yet to speak on the server. Dream was nominated in the 2020 Youtube Streamy Awards in the categories of "Breakout Creator" and "Gaming." He won the award under the "Gaming" category. Dream (born August 12, 1999) is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is known primarily for creating Minecraft content.. Dream gained substantial popularity in 2019 and 2020 having uploaded videos based around the game Minecraft.He is well known for his YouTube series Minecraft Manhunt and his speedruns of Minecraft. Content created in his Dream SMP Minecraft server has also attracted ... Dream studied YouTube, the algorithm, and Reddit, which was a huge factor that contributed in Dream's success. He initially gained attention after organizing a project to find PewDiePie's Minecraft world seed. Dream often collaborates with GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo. He also has a relation to Skeppy through BadBoyHalo.

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2022.01.27 14:16 need4eat I borked my brand new ender 3's buildtak :'(

So yeah, this was the third print on my new ender 3 and the print is stuck so bad that I ended up using a blade to try and pry it off aaaaaaaaaaand ended up tearing the buildtak.
Please tell me what am I doing wrong. It really can't be this hard to get the prints off the bed. I've used the scrapper thingy that came with the printer, that didn't help. Then I used the 50% isopropyl alcohol+ 50% water spray solution, that didn't help either. And I'm still struggling to get this print off the bed. Please share some tips so that the next bed I get, I don't end up doing the same mistake. Also I"m not sure if this buildtak is still usable, so suggestions for a new bed would be much appreciated too. Thanks!
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2 1/10 gold AME. PM final cost. Thank you. I will be paying vía Zelle
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2022.01.27 14:16 mystery_seeker2020 ANybody receive their refund from Dapper yet?

It states in their blog post that the refund deposit will be done on January 27 and the extra airdrop moments will be given on January 31.
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2022.01.27 14:16 Techboy07 im turkish and i did dna test

im 30% greek
25% turkish
20% kurdish
10% armenian
5% bulgarian
10% others
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Does anyone have a spare insider hook up code. 😣 thank you in advance
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2022.01.27 14:16 _rahrah_ rah-rah's FrenzyWhirl

I made a new video of my benchmark run -Chaos Sanctuary- with my new favorite build: FrenzyWhirl
Gear on video:
Using Grief Berzerker Axe (don't ask)
Lawbringer Dimensional Blade (you can use Azurewrath too)
Guillaume's Face with some ED% gem. Which I will switch to Ias one as I used to wear Treachery.
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath
Fortitude Wire Fleece with pretty nice hp roll. Still, once I get my hands on Enigma I will take that for the FRW & STR aka ED% and ofc it's sometimes nice to speedrun CS.
Ring1: Raven Frost
Ring2: Dual Leech, Very Important to have mana leech!
Laying Of Hands for those Pit Lords, but looking to go Steelrend once I find them
Upped Gore, but might change to War Traveller.

How to play: Keep up the Frenzy buff and just whirl away, sometimes use Double Swing or Berzerk, usually I never need to use Berserk for immus as I have Level 16-18 Sanctuary Aura from Offhand.

What do you think about my build?
Here is a longer version I wrote:

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Quick question: If you believe in Bigfoot or other monters could you contact me and tell me what you think about this show or what the community thinks about this show?
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2022.01.27 14:16 ml_news_bot 24 PhD studentships available Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training in Foundations of Data Science

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2022.01.27 14:16 ColdIndrid The Siren Game [Part 20]

Part 19
When we were little kids, Paul and I used to play the first two Silent Hill games religiously, way before life took him onto a different path. I’ve been obsessed with the series ever since and, as a matter of fact, I even love the entries that came after the fourth one, which is a very unpopular opinion among fans.

The reason they are so disregarded by most followers of the saga is because they were developed by Western studios, losing most of the surreal Japanese flavor the previous ones had. From those late entries, Silent Hill: Homecoming is maybe one of the most hated, if not the most hated, due to its fast-pacing and action oriented gameplay and because it doesn’t even take place in the town of Silent Hill. Yet there’s something about that game that has been ingrained in my memory forever.

During the final act of the game, you are presented with two important choices after being reunited with your parents, the ones responsible for most of the lies and mistreats you’ve suffered since your childhood. When you meet your mom for the last time, she’s strapped to a torture device, so you gotta choose to kille her out of mercy or to let her die a gruesome death. As for your father, after finding him behind a confessional booth you are given the choice to either forgive his sins or not, a decision that doesn’t really affect his gruesome fate.

Decisions, decisions. Will you get the good ending, the bad ending or the VERY bad one? Therein lies the weight of those crucial moments in the saga. The ones in Homecoming were, for me, the most important in all of the series because they somewhat felt relatable. And despite not affecting the immediate outcome of the plot (everything plays the same until the ending cinematic starts rolling), they at least felt sincere, the choices being depressive and irrelevant yet logical and haunting.

Choices. We all have them: even me. Especially me. I’ve already accepted that I could have said “no”, that I could have tried to help Camille even if that ended in a fate worse than death, both for me and her. But life isn’t’ as easy as a videogame, and life doesn’t just suddenly stops the flow of time, offering us a couple of different choices in order to easily solve difficult situations.

But now that I was in the final stages of this sick game, I started to recall all of the choices I had, all of those moments were some surreal prompt gave me the option to do something (or don’t)… And every single one of those choices seemed logical, even if they were just part of those fucking visions that kept plaguing my Self thanks to all of the incarnated solvent abuse I had unwillingly made.

They all happened in split seconds, my mind making the decision for me way before I could reason about the outcome, but somehow letting me know I had a choice, that I was the only one responsible for my acts. Yet right now, after unleashing the Dragon and rising my weapons in sign of insane victory just before Jason’s bloodshot eyes, no traces of deliberation were created in the blazing synapse of my brain cells…
"Piece by piece, cut by cut, every man is bound to do."

That’s all I got. That familiar fucking prompt. But it wasn’t a sign of predestination, much less a quick resolution rendered by my consciousness due to the part I was playing in the scene. Neither was it about the circumstances nor about some sort of peer pressure instigated by the psychopaths that surrounded me. Truth is, I had made that decision years ago, harboring an unchallenged hate for Jason “since the first time we met”, just like I told him before the slaughter of the soul began.

Geysers of blood sprayed as the blades ripped through my enemy’s body, his cries bred by incommensurable pain born from the rage inside, the Dragon finally free in orgasmic joy. For a few moments I felt as if I had no control of my acts, just like when Dr. Whyte hypnotized me in that accursed red room. But the carnage unleashed by my debauchery of doom wasn’t provoked by audio stimuli, drugs or sophisticated words: there was no excuse for the life I was taking, towering flesh torn from King Jock’s bones.

Camille… This is for you . This is the way, because there is no other way. I tried, but the darkness was stronger: here I am, my enemy reduced to pulp (literally), a pain so brutal he can’t even faint to death. He’s awake, observing every pound of his viscera being torn away by the metal, like a divine lingchi. And I am truly happy for the first time in this tortuous journey, because he’s experiencing some of the torment that you went through ten years ago. Such a shame it won’t last as long as yours…

Done: a masterpiece of art, my best oeuvre. If my parent’s death was a blood painted Guernica, this is my own Great Masturbator, a distorted human figure evaporated in a great mass of death, the sexual frustration transformed into violence and hatred, this knives the phallic downfall of this rapist pig, now reduced to abstract destruction. How I’d love to teach this glorious achievement in one of my classes…

The Dragon finally speaks. He possesses my tongue, my thoughts, my Self. It is all bathed in the black substance lurking in the corners of my mind, no subconscious desire left to unveil. Your sister, Detective Loki, Doctor Lektor… They all have embraced the same abysmal archetype, shedding fear in place of crimson delight. Violence makes violence makes violence makes violence… This is who we are, we cannot escape from it…

"Now you are one of us , little mouse", said Lektor in quiet contemplation, still tied to the chair, Detective Loki too shocked in order to stop the ramblings of the sycophant with the God complex. Thick scarlet liquid stained my skin and my clothes, like a vivid reenactment of Carrie’s prom night. Jading in quiet rest, I dropped my blades to the wooden floor while staring at Jason, his soulless eyes a mess, still alive after all the butchery.

“The things we do for love…”, Loki whispered in awe, his smile a fusion of horror and appalling surprise. Is that it? Love? Was that the reason I did all of this? Redemption, salvation, judgment, guilt and hope… All weak before the passion of a burning heart. Did I fall in love with the dead? Was I now idealizing Camille, even if I barely knew her? What was going on here? Sense was finally lost in the ending of this amateurish story.

“Incredible how they refuse to die”, said Camille’s sister, proudly contemplating the scene. She walked right in front of whatever was left of Jason and then revealed her ruthless knife, playing with it in a showcase of staggering skill. “Once, in Colombia, I had to stab a man more than fifty times. He wouldn’t die. Sometimes the evil inside is stronger; some other times their love is so powerful they hold on to this world even after sustaining the most devastating of injuries.”

“What do you think is the case here?”, she asked me, curious about my post-murderous thoughts. Just like the orgasm cleanses the mind with soothing clarity, the act of killing had relaxed my muscles and my thoughts, a satisfaction I had rarely felt up until that moment.

"Love is the only weapon", I answered with serious grief, blood dripping from my clothes and hair. “There’s nothing stronger than love, not even all the evil he holds inside. Just like you and I were moved by Camille… He still breathing because of love”.

Camille’s sister nodded with that apathetic smile of hers, approving of my corny yet sincere response. Deep inside, she knew everyone could change, even despite the atrocities committed in a distant and violent past.

“Do you think we are the same, then?”, she wondered, her eyes now looking directly into Jason’s annihilated existence.

"We are bonded by evil, by all the disgusting stuff we’ve made in order to avenge her", I continued. "But our acts are a consequence of love. His are the opposite: he found love in order to escape all the damage done. I wonder what’s worse…"

I stared at the floor, the orange light dimly illuminating Jason’s flesh and bone. The Dragon had its share, and now it was slowly returning back to the pit. Same as the lust inside, just like those moments of ravenous hunger that blind us, making us do and feel things we desperately try to avoid. And after climaxing, it all fades, all that guilt and shame caused by ours acts, by our fantasies… Dark necessities most of us can control, tamed by social conventions.

“You have grown so much, my friend. We have made valuable progress”, added Doctor Lektor, no one in the room paying attention to his pretentious remarks. Camille’s sister finished playing with her knife and then raised it, ready to put an end to Jason. I inhaled in bitter resolve, the final act coming to what felt like a relieving conclusion. She then looked at me, like asking for my permission to give the final blow, which I finally conferred after closing my eyes and nodding.

Coup de grâce”, she said softly, stabbing Jason’s head with skill and blunt force, the muscles on his abstract face twitching in a disturbing seizure that ended in tortuous brain death. He was forever gone, only his memory remaining in the hearts of every poor fucker that crossed his path, and in the souls of those who became his victims. Luckily those memories would fade with time. And death, of course.
“It’s over…”, I exhaled, putting my hands into my face and then slowly scrubbing the blood, massaging my eyes with care. Camille’s sister removed the knife from the skull, cleaning the blood with her cloak of shadows. Finally, after all those years of lies and manipulations, after weeks of fighting a battle that was lost from the beginning, we did the impossible: we avoided the bad ending. The price of our victory? The Dragon unleashed, now asleep in the deep. But for how long?

"Not quite", remarked Camille’s sister while she took off her tattered cloak, that diffuse shroud of black mist that had terrorized this story for quite a long time. She revealed a tight tactical suit, black as coal and made of a fabric that surely could stop the piercing impact of a blade, maybe even a distant low caliber bullet. As she lifted her right hand ordering me to come closer, she walked towards Lektor, his evil grin adorned by blood and sweat.

“What about him?”, I asked, Loki joining us before my former therapist, forming a triumvirate that would cast sentence upon the last of the overseers.

"This isn’t about him: this is all about you , and about my sister. You’ve proven yourself worthy. All that guilt that you feel, all of your pleas for mercy and forgiveness… They are all true, coming from the bottom of your soul. You are forgiven. I really do, and so would Camille. But now you have to make things right, put an end to this war”, she said, her eyes wrapped around Lektor’s disgusting smile.

“Balance? What are you talking about? You want me to off him too? Why?”, I wondered with intrigue, my body still shaking by the post-orgasmic sensation the act of killing had provoked. “I understand he’s not a saint, but he has guided me… He has helped… I don’t understand this”.

“To question what you see is the right thing to do, little mouse. Your ears are being poisoned”, said Lektor with haste, a little bit of desperation painting his voice in a somber tone. He retained his God-like confidence, yet the survival instinct couldn’t lie: this was the end of it all, which meant this forsaken cabin could become his shallow grave too.

Loki yelled in frustration, his fury impossible to contain under such fragile state of health. The pill case was crushed under his fist of grief, the content falling to the floor, lost forever under the old wood. The detective then put his hands around Lektor’s neck intending to strangle him, but Camille’s sister was quick to stop him with a strange technique that put pressure on Loki’s arms, rendering them numb for a couple of seconds.

“That’s it, lapdog! Go back to your mistress!”, rejoiced Lektor after recovering his breath, Camille’s sister pushing Loki aside. The detective was still unable to move his arms, grunts of frustration coming from his throat, while the doctor’s wretched grin remained present even after the sudden attack.

“Doctor, what is going on?”, I asked him with a tired and authoritarian confidence, confused about his word.

“He’s no fucking doctor, ok? I told you before. He’s just a killer. Stop being so naive!”, yelled Loki with rage, his arms now regaining strength but his movement restrained by Camille’s sister’s body, a shield between both ireful men.

And you are no detective either, right? Do you know about that, little mouse? How about you, mistress? I’m sure you do. After all, I have been watching you too”, Lektor revealed, following his words with a playful wink made with his right eye, blood still painting his visage in a ghastly pattern that reminded me of the one I had on my face during the dark trip in the forest.

“Enough!”, ordered Camille’s sister, Loki triggered by the doctor’s comeback, his wrath breaking his mortal shell. He kicked and screamed, like a child possessed by a savage tantrum, but Camille’s sister, like a strict mother, calmed the detective with loud commands and a quick strike, right to Loki’s stomach. Lektor just kept laughing, intoxicated by the pleasure such pathetic scene gave to him, his manipulative words the ultimate weapon.

"You should untie me, right now. You are surrounded by liars and assassins , and they fill your malleable mind with self-righteous tales of balance and redemption. But I have always told you the truth , little mouse…"

After Lektor’s cunning speech, Camille’s sister hit him in the mouth with a fierce jab, muffling a victorious laugh that celebrated the impact those poisonous words were having on me. I was experimenting a dissonant sensation right in the middle of my brain, my loyalty to the doctor somehow ingrained after everything we had been through.

I knew what Dr. Whyte said: he was a killer, a man that had his own mysterious interests, a “crook” that hunted everyone involved in the project funded by Jason’s father. “And Hell followed with him”, I thought while looking at his tattered clothes, blood and God knows what else making him look like a war prisoner, his destiny marked under the sign of violence.

But who was him? I met him at LostChan as drhlaustin, a friendly geek that knew a lot about The Siren Game, introducing me to Joshua and granting me a second chance to play the game. Then Amir brought him as my new therapist, who turned out to be a serial killer gone vigilante with an unorthodox approach to psychiatry.

Psychedelic trips, a beautiful assistant, erotic hypnosis, pills, dead programmers, words of wisdom, a dead sister, even some sort of parental compassion… He encouraged me to heal, to stop being a coward hiding behind a lie… Yet there was something off, and I knew that from the beginning, always avoiding to question the nature of my alleged ally.

“You are still doubting, aren’t you?”, asked me Camille’s sister after the doctor was silenced by the punch, her blank expression a menacing quiet that made my muscles tense again, sensing a dangerous presence underneath the nothingness. “You have inherited my sister’s power, I can tell. She passed it onto you during that night. So, come: look inside his soul and tell me what you see…”, she told me, her hand around my back feeling like a sign of cold stabs to come.

Lektor’s eyes… That strange hazel, leading into a void so powerful it could blind a man in a heartbeat, like a biblical encounter with disturbing angels. Since the first time our gazes interlinked, I could feel something wasn’t right, danger invading my senses, the sinister essence dwelling down in a hole of putridness. The darkness inside had scared me, a barrier that prevented my ability to penetrate the truth of his rotten soul.

Now the veil was lifted, my eyes finally tasting the evil within. Camille’s sister took Lektor by his scalp, like a poetic reenactment of Perseus with the Head of Medusa. His pupils were dilated, granting me entrance to an animus that was filled with sickness and death, a corrupted concept that regurgitated the worst of mankind. But deeper underground, at its rotten foundations, there was a weak light that protected a strange warmth, embers fire that hid the secrets to the doctor’s soul, the source of the dark axiom. Was that a spark of hope inside the dusk?

Liars…”, whispered Lektor with a faint voice, his mouth a never-ending stream of red. Camille’s sister dropped his head violently, making the doctor fall unconscious, the constricting ropes avoiding a heavy fall. Blood drops poured rhythmically upon the floor’s wood, the quiet in the room causing a supernatural echo.

“This piece of shit is responsible for over twenty murders all over the country, made during the past ten years”, Loki broke the silence while walking towards us, his arms now fully recovered and his wrath in cryptic hiatus. “Camille’s case was my first one… Well, my first big one. And the one that broke me, too. I was fresh out of the Academy, working kidnappings, money laundering, some terrorist threats… But never violent crimes such as this one, not until Camille…”

"And it was the first case I was in charge of, so there was a lot of pressure. Not only from the Bureau or from the press, but also… Shit, we are not robots, you know? It takes a toll; it hurts. It fucking hurts. And the way everything unfolded, all the corruption and the hypocrisy… It made me lose it all, the final step into the abyss".

“So you gave up?”, I asked. Loki was completely pale not only by the blood loss, but also due the haunting memories of a dismembered teenager in the depths of this suburban nightmare. “Worse…”, he said, his one-eye leaking tears of bitterness.

“The detective has his own little secrets, like all of us”, followed the assassin, pale moonlight reflected all over her tight tactical suit, her athletic silhouette tempting whatever remained of the Dragon inside of me. "He had good intentions, like you. And he was also forced into the path of decay”.

“I… I started to get the pieces together. The disjointed alibis, Jason’s father’s Black Hand, the incidents at the Halloween party… Leads that got me really close to the truth. But I was silenced, just like the parents. I had no choice, my career at risk, my own well-being… I had to look sideways and…

"You are so full of shit…", I interrupted while shaking my head off, angry at how I had tormented my spirit all this time. My guilt, my fault and my cowardice: all the products of the human condition, don’t you think? Given the choice, we can all do the right thing, but the instinct of self-preservation wins at the end, always. Extreme individualism, lack of respect, blaming others, mistrust and corruption… The anomic decay of solidarity. Disintegration. The fall of heroes. And we are all alone.

See? Already blaming others for my own acts: I should have fought for me, for Camille, for everything I believed in. But I was a coward. And so was Loki: the same fucker who gave me a sermon in the forest after my psychedelic experience, trying to distance himself from a rat like me… Yeah, no “little mouse”: just a rat. A big fucking rat. Or a pig. A rapist pig. But not a Dragon: that was sleeping, and it had far more courage than me, even if it just was a sadistic shadow created by trauma and social disease.

“Afterwards, I kept working new cases. And I solved them all. My methods and my wrath… They were out of control. I took a bribe here and there; forced confessions after savage interrogations… SHIT, I even convicted innocent guys just to get a fucking promotion! I wanted to rise through the ranks, get to the top and change things for good… Even if my ascension was made of evil…”

Loki stopped his cathartic monologue for a few seconds, contemplating the now semi-unconscious Doctor Lektor, his chest beating in unison with a faint cough of venom-like blood. The detective eyes regained the fire, fury accumulating, ready to be projected into physical aggression if not for Camille’s sister’s warding presence.

“Things worked for a while, you know? I really believed I could keep going, just like that. Then, a couple of years later I start getting this cases… Tech guys, scientists, all connected in a downward spiral of gore and conspiracy… All done by this snake. And again, just as I was getting in too deep, they decided it was enough. Suddenly they say I was too much, even for their standards. But there’s no warning, no threats, no suitcase full of shining dough. They just let me go, humiliated, leaving me in a pit of depression and failure…

“And you came here to what? To try and feel something? To pretend you still have some of that power? You thought you could fix things?”

"I really did", he confessed, trying to slick back his dirty hair without much success, the slow movement slow a symbol of his spiritual atrophy. “It was easy to play the part. They all thought I was still on the inside… It made me feel alive again, even after attending the memorial reeking of booze and suicide. Soon I was back in the game, a key player, ready to go back in time and solve all this…”

“And he paid the price: the ultimate sacrifice. But I couldn’t let him die, not like that. He still had a purpose, refusing to let go. He is like your evil twin, both on the same redemptive path”, added Camille’s sister.

"When she brought me back… I finally understood: even if I was the lowest of all scum, I could still keep going forward, proving I was not going to fall to the invincible enemy. I never stopped believing in people, in our rules and regulations, even though I often broke them in order to bring justice and peace. But that… That is all fake. This? This is the truth ", Loki said while crying, raising his hands in a gesture that signaled all of us.

“I brought Jason back after taking out one of those ghost brigades… And I brought this monster back, something that cost me an eye… And I would do it again. All over again. For all the evil I have done. For balance…

The fake detective’s tale was the disgusting and melodramatic account of a hard boiled asshole that thought he had a sense of sacred duty, like a crusader trying to save his soul. Fuck me, do I sound like that whenever I start reflecting upon my choices, about my pathetic life?

“What the fuck is this, then? Why should I do the killing?”, I questioned the skilled woman, her confident smile always devoid of any real emotion. I completely avoided staring at Loki, a move that made his wrath boil: he wanted the spotlight, the glory, the gratification. His ego was odorous with a sense of self-righteousness that had turned his bad choices into some sort of twisted requirement for self-growth, like a wannabe trader in a life coaching pyramid scheme.

That’s something you can’t avoid. Just like your eyes keep staring at my curves, your mind wondering if my body is as tight as this suit makes you think it is. Deep inside, your urges are making you impatient to taste if I’m as sweet as my sister. You cannot help yourself. You would take me right here, wouldn’t you?”, Camille’s sister said, my stomach hurting in fear after being called out due to my lustful gazes.

"That’s not true… I… Wasn’t I forgiven?"

"Yes: you are forgiven, but you are far beyond salvation. You can’t even forgive yourself. You’ve crossed the line long time ago. Your mind is corrupted by all the drugs and the stimuli and the pretty words. Forever broken . You have shown your true Self, and there’s no escape from it now."

My brain wanted to explode, the lack of medication and the anguish making me realize I was doomed since the moment I decided to get into Jason’s car with Paul, Luke and Nick. I enjoyed killing Jason, it was necessary. Wait, did I? He deserved it, yes, but was it pleasurable? Was this all just to prove a point? Was this all just a test? What if she wanted me to hold back, to contain the Dragon?

"I don’t want to kill anymore. I won’t."

"You crossed the river, little mouse. I told you so…", exclaimed Lektor, his presence like a phantom of wisdom that still tried to make me face the consequences of my acts. He warned me about it, about unleashing the darkness, about the pain. He always did, one way or another. Honestly? He was far more reliable than that pair of psychopaths calling the shots.

There was the faux detective whose life was a lie. Yes, mine was a disaster too, mostly due to bad choices, yet he had no fucking drug therapy: I did, I suffered that. I really had no choice when that happened. He always did.

And there was the wraith, Camille’s sister, a post-traumatic vendetta that wanted me to become a killing machine. But to what end?

Lektor sounded far more reasonable, even if he had a secret agenda that surely exploited my defective brain in order to fulfill murderous objectives. Well, was he? Or were all of them part of the same big lie?

Which side was I on?

"You will kill again. You can’t avoid that. That’s who you are now. There’s no way to close the red door", she said, her face now close to mine, her pale beauty and her vacuous eyes making my heart accelerate at an alarming rate.

“I thought about this! Once he’s done, I can take his body. I can regain what I lost. And I can take you in, so you can confess, expose everything, just like you wanted to. They can lock you down before you turn into another monster…”, explained Loki with agitated excitement.

"So rules and regulations are important again, just like that? You want to be a fucking hero ? Fool! Don’t you realize you are not gonna make it out of here alive? You can barely stand, you asshole!", the Dragon roared, my hands looking for a way to beat the faker to death. But the ghost was way quicker, our tired movements no match for her skills. A swift kick to Loki’s left leg and an elbow to my stomach: both impacts were enough to make us lose balance, a lesson learned through violence.

"Once the circle is done, you both do whatever you want. I’m tired of this. I don’t care about your deloused ego, detective; nor I care about the last stand of your dignity against your true Self . All I care is about restoring the real balance, doing what needs to be done. And right now, you need to put an end to the monster you have unwillingly summoned. You and you alone ", she concluded, pointing her right index at me, the empty visage showing traces of anger. Then, out of the blue, the doctor started to laugh with delightful joy:

"I see it now… You are just that same little girl, running scared through the forest of shadows. Just like me… And under all that tight armor, under all of your vulgar display of power… There is no balance, no right from wrong. There is just US . No matter all the brainwashing that old pedophile did to your mind, all that gnostic pseudophilosophy you keep repeating… You cannot turn back time. I have tried too. But NOTHING will be the same. NEVER …", said Lektor, his edginess a welcomed addendum to this convoluted final moments.

Finally, I saw it: she was shaking, trying to maintain her monolithic authority to no avail. And if you looked closely, she was tensing her muscles, the traces now transformed into fatal fury, ready to deliver the death blow to that nightmare with human disguise I called “doctor”. But it was me who was destined to take that filthy life: I was the only person who could put an end to the cycle of violence, letting the Dragon claim ownership of all my personality, once and for all.

What would happen once I killed the doctor? Would she really be done? Me and Loki, all alone in this infected cabin lost in the middle of the sea of trees. He is weak, but he has a gun. I’m strong, but unstable. And surely not faster than a bullet. Will she mediate, oversee the fight of two cowards? All the inner questioning is killing me: thank God being the storyteller lets me stop time just for a brief moment, letting me reflect upon my choices. Just like in those old school survival horror games. After all, this is just a game, right?

Camille… She forgave me and, despite what her sister says, I’m on my way to forgive myself, Dr. Whyte my last chance to regain sanity. Sarchie and Whitney, looking for a way to help me… Amir, dying in a hospital bed… Fuck, is there any hope at all? I can’t let them down. But what if I have to do this? Maybe I have to kill Lektor. Maybe I’m faking it all and I’m just a murderer. And a rapist. (In)Human scum. Maybe I deserve to go with a bang, no pun intended…

"Press X to kill Lektor or press O to kill Loki"

Ah, how I love those fucking prompts...

Come on. Enough with all the rambling and the metafictional bullshit. It’s “all in” then, like in a good game of poker. Games, games and more games. Card games. Sex games. Killing games. Funny games. Siren games. I realize that, in the end, Cormac McCarthy was telling the truth: men are born for games. Nothing else.

"Fine, I’ll do it", I said with a fake sense of security. Camille’s sister body calmed down, her face reverting to the expressionless façade, just like if a switch had been pressed. “Give me your gun then”, I commanded Loki, who was still stunned by the sharp kick.

“Excuse me?”, he laughed with irony, a trait that was starting to feel like a trademark for his new one-eyed persona. “No fucking way. That would be easy. Too easy. He needs to suffer.”

“Give him the gun”, grunted the ghost killer, Loki unwillingly offering me his handgun after the direct order. Our eyes exchanged brief hatred, yet he then looked down, his wishes under the leash of Camille’s sister. Did he owe her that much? I had nothing to prove her, not anymore. This was all fucked up beyond all recognition.

“You better aim well, little mouse, because if I somehow make it out of here alive… I’ll hunt you…”, the doctor said calmly, like a cat about to lose its temper at the verge of the chase, the watchful analysis of the prey at risk due to thundering impatience. I’m sure his edgy tone was hiding fear: this wretched tale taught me that everyone wore a mask to cover the weakness inside, no matter who you are.

"Fuck this. I can’t do it… I won’t…"

My hand stopped right before I could take the weapon from Loki’s hand: WHY? The prompt usually means my mind makes the decision way before I can notice, due to the way my brain was programmed way before the story even started. No traces of deliberation, just like when the Dragon defiled Jason’s existence. And if this also wasn’t the result of past trauma nor the consequences of being pressured into it, then… When did I decide I wouldn’t kill the doctor? WHEN?

I understand. I understand it all. It’s not a WHEN, nor a WHY or a WHERE. Not even a WHAT. And it doesn’t even matter HOW.

It’s all about WHO.

It’s all about Camille.

It’s all about Amir and Sarchie.

It’s all about Ian and Andy.

It’s all about Whitney, about Dr. Whyte, even if I barely know them.

It’s all about mom and dad, no matter what.

Shit, it’s all about Paul and Jason too. Even about Luke and Nick.

It’s all about evil, about Jason’s Father, about Doctor Lektor.

Maybe even about Detective Loki and Camille’s sister.

But most important…

It’s all about ME.

And I don’t want to kill anymore.

I don’t want to be swallowed by the darkness. I’ve caused enough. I’ve suffered enough. Why do I have to keep on falling? Why do I have to be a slave ?

Follow my parent’s wishes. Follow what society expects me to do. Follow what my therapist says. Follow Jason and his father’s will, being coerced into fear by their acolytes. Follow the trail of blood. Follow Camille’s sister, even if that means giving up my humanity, after all I did in order to regain it…

It all started with a coward geek trying to lose his virginity, trying to be someone he wasn’t. Then it became rape and murder, corruption, lies and drugs, followed by ten years of ignorance, the dark half growing inside, waiting for this exact moment.

I cannot give in.

Even if the barrier is just a metaphor, even if the Dragon is just the personification of my unchained true Self … I cannot let it win. This is where I truly regain control. And the doctor doesn’t have to die. Camille wouldn’t want this. Hell, she would even like him. Or that’s what I think. But one thing I know for sure is she wouldn’t approve of this sick game her sister is playing, me, Loki and almost everyone else involved just little pawns in her quest for vengeance, moved by her insidious strings.

And I don’t want to be a slave .

That is MY choice.
"You like tropes, don’t you, Little Mouse? This one is called “Conveniently Placed Sharp Thing”… Enjoy!", exclaimed Lektor, welcoming the final act of this grand finale.

That crazy motherfucker, poisoning us with his hypnotic speech, making us fight each other, even breaking an elite assassin’s guard, using a sharp glass to cut the ropes that tied him to the chair, the beautiful cliché executed by his feline precision, making the three of us react to his surprising action.

Let’s play it in slow motion. Loki tried pointing his gun at Lektor while Camille’s sister went for her relentless knife, dodging to the right and shoving me to the ground in the process.

Meanwhile, the good doctor fell backwards, the weight of the chair allowing him to evade both attackers, while also giving him the chance to kick the fake detective’s weapon. An aimless gunshot was ejected from the handgun, grazing the ruthless woman’s left arm and tearing the fabric of the tactical suit, further injury prevented.

As the knife fell to the floor, Loki’s body suffered the impact of the doctor’s kick, colliding with the table full of weapons and thus accidentally throwing the lantern to the wooden floor, the flames of the end erupting into a Hell on Earth with voracious speed.

I tried standing up the same moment Camille’s sister went for the knife, her body used to pain and blood. But Lektor was fast too, a brutal kick making her body fall, pushing me further back and making me roll with broken bones, the knife following me.

She then stood up with amazing reflexes, deflecting another one of the doctor’s kicks, cornering him with staggering strength. But Lektor was also smart, even under pressure: he took the lantern mounted in the wall right next to him and threw it with violence, Camille’s sister covering with her right arm, which was then swept by the fire.

As she tried to put out the flames, Lektor sprinted towards her, but was surprised by a sudden bullet that grazed his neck: Loki was now recovered, his aiming troubled due to his one-eyed luck.

Fire was born, the flames devouring the old wood, pieces of the roof falling, the main beam supporting the structure threatening to collapse. I was behind that beam and close to the exit door, the pain making me recover with trouble.

The fight scene looked surreal: Lektor was on the floor, while Camille’s sister had put the fire in her arm out, now reaching for a concealed knife in her right boot. Loki approached them both, ready to aim at the doctor from a distance short enough it would guarantee him not to miss.

With the place crumbling down, I noticed Camille’s sister cruel knife lying right next to me. Then I contemplated the combat again, the doctor now looking at me with his trademark grin, his hazel eyes rejoicing in the blood and chaos. My heartbeat accelerated, just like the first time we met at the hospital.

The assassin and the fake detective were ready to strike, fate about to be decided inside that prison of burning wood. And right there, the doctor saw the knife too, his face shining with pride and his head nodding in excitement, our eyes forever connected. He knew what I had to do. I knew it too.

"Press X to slide him the knife"

With all the strength I had left, I sent the bladed weapon towards Lektor, who received it with his left hand at the exact moment Loki readied his aim and Camille’s sister drew her hidden knife. Flames burst while ashes and debris surrounded us, the main beam collapsing into dramatic oblivion, the smoke obscuring the outcome of that epic standoff.

I reached for the door next to me, leaving the cabin behind, struggling with the thick black smoke, coughing with difficulty and grasping for pure air. The handle was hot and it hurt my hand, but not enough to leave a scar. After my dreadful escape, I looked back and saw how Asher Cabin burnt, thus ending one of the most disturbing local urban myths, forever.

My hand hurt due to the fiery metal, so I tried covering it with some clothes: there I noticed my pinky finger, the Mermaid Ring still placed as a sign of submission and slavery. It was a reminder of everything I had decided to leave behind the moment I objected to the idea of ending the doctor’s life.


A couple of seconds later, and after much effort, the ring was out of my finger, an expensive memento resting in my aching hand. I examined it as the fires danced, consuming whatever was left of the cabin, the fate of those three bastards shrouded in mysterious fog.

"Have you played The Siren Game ?", I said to myself, scoffing at such horrible gift. And then I threw it into the fire, putting an end to ten years of misery, to endless guilt and shame. As I heard the sirens of the firemen, police and paramedics approaching, I escaped into the forest, its pitch black quiet welcoming me with cold embrace.

Camille would be proud.
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2022.01.27 14:16 XY573 How to fix chapter 3

So Chapter 3 is broken. The SMG is more busted than the drum gun or any other gun we've had in the game and the skill-based matchmaking is worse than ever before.
The SMG recently got nerfed, a good change. But the fire rate is so busted that any person who has just returned to the game just cannot compete. This had led to many people, including me to have an extremely difficult time getting my friends online to play some pubs. The way we change this is have a fire rate of 7, still extremely fast, but not enough to bleed through walls. Another fix for this could be severely nerfing the environmental damage to structures, making people have more time to react when some Timmy is on their wall.
Also, the Skill-based matchmaking is awful. I am someone who only really can get kills on AI, because of the skill-based matchmaking being so bad. Every time I see a person, they usually have 50+ crown wins, compared to me with less than 10. A way to balance the matchmaking is to see how successful your aim, editing, how fast you edit and build on average, and obviously the amount of kills and wins you have.
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2022.01.27 14:16 Jandaniel_ Monitor Arm for AW3420DW

Looking for a reliable and sturdy monitor arm. Im new to this kind of stuff so some recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 14:16 cjlee89 Order now or wait?

I have an MK3S+ on order and expected to ship soon. My question is should I wait for the next model that I have read may be coming soon? I understand it may be hard to say but if you were ordering your first 3d printer, would you wait?
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